Temporary Female Tattoos, the last stage in "Traditional Seven-Staged Makeup*"

In the old Iranian culture, the tradition of a "Seven-Staged Makeup" procedure ends with a temporary tattoo on the woman's face. Here is the full list of all seven stages:

Stage 1 - SORKHÁB:                                                           

A red substance (SORKH=red + ÁB=water). It was applied on the lips and chicks (as the old Persian version of lipstick)

Stage 2 - SEFIDÁB:                                                 

A white substance (SEFID=white + ÁB=water). It was applied on the face (as traditional version of facial foundation)


Stage 3 - VASMEH:

The traditional Persian eyebrows coloring


Stage 4 - SORMEH:

Kohl; the traditional Persian eye makeup


Stage 5 - HANÁ:

Henna (Henna is the name of the plant); cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands (as old traditional version of Manicure). Henna was also used as hair color (sometime in combination with VASMEH)


Stage 6 - BAND:

Facial Epilation                                              

Stage 7 - KHÁL:                                                    

This was a temporary tattoo; a beauty spot usually on the chick or around lips

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* Traditional Seven-Staged Makeup: HAFT-QALAM ÁRÁYESH