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Dear Payman, 

I would like to thank you for your courtesy and your professionalism, and most of all thank you for your beautiful art. I have tattooed your design on my arm and im very proud of it. Not a single person said any negative remarks about the design. It was a pleasure talking to you and the live demonstration you did online. Merci. 

Im attaching a picture of my tattoo 4 days after for you to view. Please feel free to use this picture as you wish. I will be contacting you soon regarding your other website and for another design that i have in mind. 
Burhan Kamali, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Dear Payman,
This design has been worth the wait, i look forward to having this design be a part of me for the rest of my life. I am hoping to get the tattoo tomorrow, however i may not be able to do so for another week due to some complications. However the moment i do get this tattoo i will send you a picture.
Ahmad Bakhshi

Ahmad B., Sunnyvale, CA 

Hi Payman jan, these designs are sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am working on deciding which one I want, and if there needs to be any changes in it. I will keep you posted. Parisa

Parisa Farrohi, Berkeley, CA 

Dear Payman,

Fantastic, it's simply fantastic. I will be sure to send you photos of the tattoo once it is done. I'm waiting to hear back on scheduling with the tattoo artist.

Thank you so much for this,

Dara D., Palo Alto, CA

I know you're just as anxious as I am to see the final product, so I thought I'd send you the pictures as I got the tattoo done today. I just got them uploaded. That's why it's a bit pink, but I think the artist did a fantastic job at all the little details. I can't begin to thank you enough for the work you have done for me...All the thanks in the world!

Vivienne C.; Kansas City, MO


Beautiful work. Went all above and beyond my expectations. Thanks...

Sam T.; Thousand Oaks, CA


I am seriously speechless. These are really masterpieces, works of art. You are the best!

Vahid N.; Encino, CA


Hello... I did get my tattoo after you send me the final file. It turned out great! I absolutely love it! The tattoo artist loved it and I get constant positive remarks about it. I went to Iran last month and everybody was surprised and so many people ask about it and the calligrapher. I did mention your name and your web site to all the inquiring parties. I am contemplating about a second tattoo and I'll be in touch with you as soon as I know what it'll be. Here are some photos. Thanks for your wonderful is with me forever and I cherish it deeply. Yours,

Ali K.; San Francisco, CA

Hi; Thanks again for the beautiful job. I have been getting a lot of compliments on it. Even the Tattoo artist thought it was really beautiful. I have a few more pics which I will send you later. Have a nice day.

Saeed T.; Chino Hills, CA


these designs are all fantastic, I am truly glad I came across your site ... Thanks again for your hard work

Mark B.; Glasgow, Lanark shire, UK


A beautiful calligraphy design; and I couldn't ask for much more. It incorporated all the names, and emotions that I wanted in the calligraphy, for my tattoo. ZENDEBAD

Kambiz Z.; Naples, FL


I received this package yesterday. I must say, the piece is absolutely beautiful. It was exactly what I had hoped, and I cannot thank you enough for completing it so quickly.

Allyson C.; Bethesda, MD


….I got my tattoo and love it. Your work is truly beautiful…. Please review the attached picture ... I hope it all comes through clearly. As you can see - it came out beautifully. Thank you and please keep me posted on your tattoo book! Sincerely,

Daria B.; Algonquin, IL


... I think your work is amazing... this is a tattoo my first. I love it! And I will go to my studio and have a full body shot made of myself and my tattoo.

Charles L.; Merkel, TX


Had a tattoo designed prior to this site being put up, and still receive compliments every time someone sees it. Tattoo was my own custom quote, but Mr. Hamed made sure to make it look beautiful. Very trustworthy in the art of calligraphy.

Malek Z.; Tarzana, CA


Beautiful job as always. I am very impressed indeed with your work. ...

Sam T.; Thousand Oaks, CA


Thank you for your email in attention to my tattoo design ... I appreciate you following up with your customers, it shows your dedication to your work and to your loyal customers ... I will refer you to my friends in the future!

Farinaz K. Los Angeles, CA


Once again you have proven the depth of your skill in an impressive manner. I am very happy with these results.

Saeed T.; Chino Hills, CA


... I love may tattoo and think it looks great! Thank you for your involvement in making me a great piece of art that will help me remember visiting my family.

Leila M.; New Orleans, LA


GREAT! I’m happy... I never knew calligraphy was still in practice. I only ever saw it in Persian restaurants. I’m so thankful that you have helped me put my parents name into an art piece. Thank you so much!

Moshe M.; Tarzana, CA


Salam! Thank you very much for this design! It is very beautiful and I appreciate the work that has gone into it.

Hanif Y.; New Jersey, NJ


This is wonderful- thank you very very much. I've been trying to find someone that could create this for me ... Kayla is the name of my beloved dog of 9 years. I had to put her to sleep this past week and my heart is broken. This is a very special way for me to honor and remember Kayla. Also, I am half Persian so this holds a lot of meaning.

Lisa M.; Austin, TX


Thank you very much for your beautiful work Payman. I will remember to send a picture of the final product to you. It's a great talent you have, I hope you can continue to flourish with it.

Jacob W., Salt Lake City, UT


Craftsmanship design, reasonable price, perfect and friendly service many many thanks for this unique work.  

Levent O., Istanbul, Turkey


Thank you for the final design! I'm very happy and pleased with the result. I appreciate the persian TAZ-HEED calligraphy, very nice.
Nice doing business with you. I will definitely recommend you to other perisan people who wish to have a perfect persian tattoo.   

Sarmand J., Bergen, Norway


My wife and I commissioned two Farsi calligraphy tattoos to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. We couldn't be happier with the beautiful artwork put together by Peyman, the super-artist. His penmanship and design talents are just phenomenal. I highly recommend Peyman to anyone looking for an original design.    

Al Saber, Portland, Oregon

Life is truly a journey. It will take you to places you never tought you'd see or experiences feelings you'd never though that you would go through. But in the end, everything happens for a reason, and that is my strong conviction. I've always loved Paulo Coelho and his life philosophy. I love his quotes and sayings about life, love and everything in between. I did my tattoo, which I'm so proud of (a huge thanks to Payman for the persian calligraphy). Wearing your scars as if they were medals, is the only way that I'm going to wear my scars. I'm not going to hide them or be ashamed of them. They made me to who I am and I would not change that for anything. That's my story

Miss Chacha, Stockholm, Sweden


Dearest Payman,
These are amazing. Thank you so much. I had no idea I would be getting so many to choose from. ....

Thank you so much, dara

Dara D., Palo Alto, CA


Ba salaam, Thank you so much! The design is beautiful and elegant, thank you for the time you put into it. Also thank you for the advice about tattoo parlors, it was very helpful. I'm going to get my tattoo in december, so I will send a picture as soon as I do! Again, daste shoma dard nakone,
Ba tashakor,Simin :)

Simin G., Minneapolis, MN


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