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We provide customized Persian tattoo designs flavored with the art of Persian calligraphy; these tattoo designs incorporate Persian characters, utilizing the beauty of Persian calligraphy stretches, curves, pen-drops and dots.


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Located in Glendale, CA, we serve Iranian-American community as well as the other tattoo-lovers who are interested in having a Persian tattoo. We offer hand-written designs combining the traditional art of Persian calligraphy and modern graphic design techniques to provide our clients with the best quality possible.

Q: Is it possible to have English quotes and names in Persian calligraphy?

A: Yes; this is absolutely possible. Note that sometimes to get a smooth translation for English quotes, we need to avoid word-by-word translation.

Q: I live outside US. Can I order a Persian tattoo design on your site?

A: This is possible. We have a broad range of customers interested in our custom tattoo designs contacting us from US and Canada, Europe, Turkey, the Gulf region, and Australia.

Why Persian Tattoos?

Authenticity, beauty, and uniqueness of this type of tattoo designs are the most important reasons behind the popularity of them. Persian calligraphy curves and stretches are all based on natural curves; that is the reason many non-Iranian have found this form of tattoo art very attractive despite the fact that they do not speak the language. Also, content of Persian tattoos are often selected from rich Persian poetry and literature, the depth of the meanings in an Iranian tattoo and inspiration that one gets because of having a Persian tattoo is as interesting as the visual beauty of the design.

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