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Three variations for the quote: "You are my mate, my soul, my love, and my heart"


    "Photography is my symphony, I am the                     A poem about hope and strength                   "Without others yes; without you, never!"

     composer, and print is the performance"     


                                                          A few Persian calligraphy tattoo designs (love and faith quotes, dates, etc.)


Your character is your future (two variations)                                             Five variations for "Qesmat" (Destiny)


           An encouragement quote "Mashallah" in four variations             "Love, hope, faith, happiness"          A love quote in two variations


Root, Love, Destiny         Peace                 Rumi: "Love turns thorns into flowers"          A personal quote                        A prayer


                                     Four variations for the word "family"                                            Three variations for the quote "My family, my God"      

Four variations for "God is with us"

Three variations for "My life, my family, my friends"

A quote: "do not fear" in six different designs

Three variations for "My family, my life"

"Good words, good thoughts, good deeds" in four different designs 


               "Only God" in two designs                      "Oh God" YAA HAQQ in two designs                      "Divine Revelation" in two designs


       "Memorable gift" in two designs              "Faith" in a circular design                                  "Family forever" in two designs