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Most Popular Tattoo Ideas
Most Popular Single Words / Short Phrases (Full List)
Abyss Calligraphy Dance Fairness Hallucination Labyrinth Nature Rabbit Suppression
Acceptance Camouflage Dancer Fairy Happiness Leadership Neptune Rage Surprise
Accomplishment Carp Danger Faith Harmony Leap Neutrality Railroad Survivor
Achievement Cat Darkness Faith, Love, Hope, Happiness Hatred Legacy New Year's Eve Rainbow Sweetheart
Actor Celebrated Sword Daughter Healing Legend Rebel Swordsman
Acupressure Century Dawn Health Legendary Status Nightmare Rebirth Symbol
Addiction Challenge Death Faithlessness Healthy Liberator Ninja  Reformation Sympathy
Adventure Chance Deception Family Heartless Lie Nirvana Regret Taboo
Advertising Change Deer Family Forever Heartlessness Life Nobility Reliability Talent
Agility Chaos Defender Fantasy Heaven Life and Death Nocturnal Religion Taoism
Alien Charm Degeneration Fascination Hell Lifelong Nonviolence Religious Faith Tattoo
Allegiance Choice Delight Fatherland Hero Lightning Norooz Renegade Tattooist
Ambition Christmas Eve Demon Fertility Hobby Lion Nourishment Reputation Teacher
Amity Civilization Desert Fidelity Holy Spirit Live Strong Novelty Resilience Tear
Ancestor Clarity Desire Fierceness Honesty Live, Love, Laugh Number One Respect Technique
Angel Cleanliness Despair Fighter Honor Nurse Responsibility Temptation
Angel with a Thousand Eyes Closure Destiny Fighting Spirit Hope Lizard Obedience Revenge The Dark
Collision Destruction Firefighter Hope, Love, Happiness, Faith Logic Oblivion Reverence The Grim Reaper
Anguish Colorful Determination Fireworks Lone Wolf Ocean Revolution
Animosity Comfort Devotion Fisherman Longevity Omniscience Role Model Theory
Apocalypse Comfort Dignity Flame Horror Lotus Only God Romance Thief
Apology Comics Diligence Flexibility Hunter Love Opportunity Rose Thought
Appreciation Commitment Dinosaur Focus Husband Love - Hate Optimism Rose Throwing Knife
Arrogance Common Sense Direction Fool Husband and Wife Love - Strength Originality Royalty Thunder
Art Communication Discipline Foresight Lover Outcast Sacred Tiger
Artist Compassion Discipline Forgiveness Hypnotism Loyalty Outlaw Sacred Fire Torture
Aspiration Concentration Discovery Fortress Ideal Lunar Eclipse Overwork Sacrifice Tradition
Atheist Confession Disgrace Fox Idealism Lunatic Pain Sailor Tragedy
Athlete Conformity Dishonor Freedom Illusion Maestro Paradise Saint Tranquility
Attitude Congratulations Disillusion Fresh Imagination Magic Passion Samurai Transformation
Awe Conqueror Divine Revelation Friend Immortality Magic Spell Patience Sanctuary Transience
Bad Influence Conquest Divorce is not the best option Friendship Immutability Maniac Patriotism Sanity Traveler
Balance Conscience Friendship and Kindness Importance Marriage Peace Saturn Treasure
Banzai Consciousness Dolphin Improvement Mars Peacemaker Scar Tribulation
Baptism Constellation Dragon Frog Incarnation Martial Arts Perception Secret Trinity
Bear Contentment Dragonfly Fulfillment Independence Martyrdom Perfect Security Trust
Beauty Contradiction Dream Future Individuality Masquerade Perseverance Seize the day Truth
Beauty and the Beast Control Dream Chaser Galaxy Indomitable Master Persistence Self Confidence Twilight
Cooperation Dreamer Gambler Indulgence Medicine man Persuasion Twins
Belief Courage Drifter Generosity Infantry Meditation Philanthropy Self-awareness Unconditional
Beloved (male) Courtesy Dusk Genius Infinity Memory Philosophy Understanding
Beloved (female) Cousin Duty Ghost Initiative Memorable Gift Phoenix Self-content Uniqueness
Benevolence Crane Dynasty Gift Innocence Mentality Piety Self-Control Unity
Best Friend Creation Eagle Gladiator Innovation Mercury Pilgrim Selflessness Universe
Betrayal Creativity Earth Glory Insanity Mercy Pilot Sentiment Uranus
Bibliophile Crescent Ecstasy God Insight Messiah Pirate Serenity Vampire
Birth Crime Effort Goddess Inspiration Midnight Planet Shadow Vanity
Black Panther Crisis Elegance Good and Evil Instinct Milky Way Pluto Shame Vegetarian
Black sheep Crow Eloquence Good Fortune Instrument Miracle Poem Shark Velocity
Blessing Crow Emaciation Good words, good thoughts, good deeds Integrity Mirage Poet Shogun Venus
Blind Cruelty Emotion Intelligence Misery Poison Shooting Star Veracity 
Bliss Crystal Empathy Intensity Mist Police Officer Silence Vicious Mind
Bond Curiosity Emperor Goodness Intuition Misunderstanding Politeness  Simplicity Victory
Encounter Gorgeous Invention Modesty Potential Sincerity Vigilance
Broken Heart
Encouragement Grace of God Invincibility Moon Power Sky Vindictiveness
Energy Granddaughter Iris Moonlight Prayer Slave Virtue
Enigma Grandfather Iron Fist Morality Precious Slayer Vitality
Enlightenment Grandmother Iron man Morning Dew Prestige Smile Vow

Entertainer Grandson Jade Mother Pride Snake War

Enthusiasm Gratitude Jealousy Music Prince Sniper Warning

Environment Greatness Jewel My family, my life Princess Soldier Warrior

Equal Grief Journey My life, my destiny Promise Solitude Warrior Soul

Equality Guardian Deity Judo Promotion Son Wasabi

Era Guilt Jupiter My life, my family, my friends Proof Song Wave

Justice Prophecy Soul Wealth

Kaleidoscope My life, my God Prosperity Soul mate Welcome

Kamikaze My life, my God; My life, my destiny Protection Special Wife

Karate  Protector Spider Wife and Husband 

Karma Punishment Spirit

Killer Whale Mystery Pure Spiritual Strength Wildness

Kindness Myth Pure Love Will

Purity Splendor Wing

Purpose Star Winner

Queen Stigma Wisdom


Quest Storm Witch

Strawberry Wolf

Strength Wolf-man

Struggle Wonder

Stubbornness World

Sublimity Worship

Success Worth

Sun Wrestling 

Sunshine Ya Haqq (Oh God)


Supernatural Power Yahoo (Oh God)

Superstition Young Warrior




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